Desiree Rodriguez

In 2014 Desiree Rodriguez began writing for the entertainment website Paper  Droids. Here she began honing her skills on critiquing media through a social political lens. She later that same year began writing for the Eisner nominated site Women Write About Comics. Where she worked as the Social Media Editor from 2015 to 2016, building the sites social platforms and identity.

Desiree has written various articles discussing a wide variety of topics including: social political issues, comic history, and examining fictional narratives. Some of her most popular articles have been: Starfire’s New Costume: A Reflection of Her History and Personality, Amanda Waller & Laurel Lance: Dead and Disrespected On Arrow, Dia de Muertos Is Not Your Mexican Halloween, InuYasha’s Kagome Higurashi Deserved a Better Feudal Fairy Tale, Another Day, Another White Guy at Marvel: Benedict Cumberbatch to play Dr. Strange, Queerness in Cartoons: The Legend of Korra Finale, and The Killing Joke: Starring Barbara Gordon. She also contributed to many of the entries in the Beauty and the Geek column.

After stepping down as Social  Media Editor for WWAC, Desiree began writing for The Nerds of Color in 2016. A popular pop culture website highlighting the voices of people of color within the entertainment industry. At Nerds of Color, Desiree honed her research skills and reporting through pieces such as: How Diverse is the Marvel Cinematic Universe? The Movies: Phase OneThe Disappointing Truth About Supergirl’s Maggie SawyerErased and Ignored: Dick Grayson’s Rromani Identity Comes to Light and Being Latinx in Comics: Ignorance, Erasure, Whitewashing, Oh My!

The latter of which aided in earning her recognition from former Batman and Milestone Editor and current Senior Editor for Lion Forge,  Joseph P. Illidge. In late 2016 she was hired by Illidge as his Editorial Assistant for Lion Forge Comic’s Catalyst Prime imprint.

Desiree is the creator of the hashtag, network and chats#BeingLatinxInComics. Which are a series of chats that discuss Latinx representation within the comic industry. She’s been interviewed by Bleeding Cool’s Marco Lopez, and The Outhousers Greg Anderson-Elysee. Desiree is also an acting co-host for DC TV Classics podcast.

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