#BeingLatinxInComics: The Writers

Jai Nitz | Twitter

Works Include: El Diablo, Sucide Squad Most Wanted: El Diablo, Green Hornet

George Perez | Twitter | Comic Vine Bio

Works Include: Wonder Woman, Avengers, New Teen Titans, Tales of Teen Titans

The Hernandez Brothers | Facebook

Works Include: Love and Rockets

Terry Blas | Twitter | Facebook

Works Include: Briar Hollow, You Say Latino, Ghetto Swirl, Morbid Obesity, The Amazing World of Gumball

Stephanie Barros | Twitter | Tumblr | Instagram

Works Include: Art Trade, Fantasma

Edgardo Miranda-Rodriguez | Twitter | Facebook | Vimeo | Instagram

Works Include: La Borinqueña, Guardians of the Infinity

Barbara Perez Marquez | Twitter

Works Include: Heiresses of Atalanta, Buff Babe Zine Vol. 2 (Strength, and Awakening), The Order of Belfry

Liz Mayorga | Tumblr | Facebook | Twitter

Works Include: Tallulah’s Daily Growl, The Nature of the Beast

Jules Rivera | Twitter | Facebook | LinkedIn

Works Include: Valkyrie Squadron, Misfourtune High, Headlocked, Working Holiday, Vampires on Mars, The Merry Adventures of Prince Ashe

Frederick Luis Aldama

Works Include: Graphic Borders: Latino Comic Books Past, Present, and Future (World Comics and Graphic Nonfiction), Multicultural Comics: From Zap to Blue Beetle (Cognitive Approaches to Literature and Culture), Your Brain on Latino Comics: From Gus Arriola to Los Bros Hernandez (Cognitive Approaches to Literature and Culture)

Alejandro Bruzzese | Twitter | Tumblr | Instagram

Works Include: Proxy (from La Raza Anthology), God Hates Astronauts

Carolina Dalia Gonzalez

Works Include: It’s All About The “r” (from La Raza Anthology)

Cynthia Janet Zapata

Works Include: Story in La Raza Anthology

Luis Roldán Torquemada

Works Include: Oxomon

Paola Klug

Works Include: Story in La Raza Anthology

Eric Esquivel | Twitter | Tumblr 

Works Include: Boo!, Loki: Ragnarok And Roll, Adventure Time, Sonic the Hedgehog, G.I. Joe – Storm Shadow: 21st Century Boy

Christine Stoddard | Twitter | LinkedIn

Works Include: Forgetful Fairytales, Bus 900 

Richard Dominguez | Facebook

Works Include: El Gato Negro, Nocturnal Warrior

Matt Wallace

Works Include: Small Wars: A Tor.Com Original, Rencor

Jason Nieves | LinkedIn

Works Include: Wysper

Phil Jimenez

Works Include: Astonishing X-Men, Amazing Spider-Man, Wonder Woman, Infinite Crisis, Otherworld, and Teen Titans

Hector Cantu

Works Include: Baldo

Josh Trujillo | Twitter

Works Include: Love is Love, Love Machines, Adventure Time, Declaration

Grasiela Rodriguez | Twitter

Works Include: Spadra, Lunatic Fringe, The Dairy of the Two Siren Sisters

Anthony Aguilar | Tumblr

Works Include: El Verde

Henry Barajas | Twitter | LinkedIn | Tumblr

Works Include: El Loco, Captain Unknown

Fabian Rangel Jr

Works Include: Space Riders, Helena Crash, Namwolf, Lucha Underground

Maya Rosales | Twitter

Works Include: After Forever

Jarod Roselló

Works Include: The Well-Dressed Bear Will (Never) Be Found, Those Bears

Claudia Aguirre

Works Include: Mavi, Catscratch the webcomic, Daymares

Edwin Lopez

Works Include: Marvelo: Monarch of Magicians (from Not Forgotten Anthology), Tugg, La Cucaracha

Jaime Portillo

Works Include: Gabriel, The Railroad Killer, and Hell Paso: The Story of Dallas Stoudenmire

Eliana Falcón

Works Include: Cosmic Fishes (webcomic)

Felipe Smith

Works Include: Peepo Choo, All New Ghost Rider, Ghost Racers 

John Chihak | Twitter

Works Include: Youth in Asia, Fuzzyface, the Book of Grrry, Unite and Take Over vol. 1

Leonardo Faierman | SnowDaze | SnowDaze Twitter

Works Include: I write the comic Snow Daze, about young people of color building a strange little empire based on snow shoveling in their newly adopted middle-class suburb. It’s a two-fisted noir-ish 90s story, think Goodfellas by way of Brick.

I also co-host #BlackComicsChat, a bi-weekly podcast which airs live on Twitter, along with 3 other people, including the artist and co-creator of the comic (Marcus Anderson). I also write stuff as a freelancer, but my main home base is at (Check out Leonardo’s articles here

Snow Daze has had one full issue (available as a physical copy or through Comixology), as well as a series of webcomics. There was a new Snow Daze 7-pager published last year in Jerome Walford’s Gwan anthology TPB as well, and issue 2 will (hopefully) be out soon.

There’s a lot of amazing Latinx comic book and webcomic writers out there, so let me know who they are! Fill out the form below and I’ll add them to the list. The only requirements are that you must be Latinx, have or previously worked in the comic industry and be a writer! If you fit both of those criteria fill out the form below and I’ll add you to the list.

If you’re already on the list and would like your mini-profile updated (or removed) just fill out the “Other” comment box below with your request. This will be an every growing list that will change and develop to include more information (and a prettier layout) as time goes on. For now, enjoy!

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