#DefendDACA Resources & Info

This is a masterpost I put together featuring information on what DACA is, news regarding the issue, how to help Dreamers, and fundraising. I take no credit for any of the information gathered here. This is merely a collective resource and all credit goes to the respective parties.

DACA News & Information

DACA Defense & Resources




Why Should You Care?

No human being is illegal, yet this isn’t a sentiment everyone shares, understands, nor cares to. There’s no possible way for me to make anyone care if they’ve made up their minds about Dreamers, immigrants, and people of color. If you view other humans as “illegal aliens” first and foremost and aren’t willing to have any empathy towards them, then there’s not much I can say in a few short words to change that. I can only hope with more education, and understanding of the issue and how it affects us as a country and as people, will others find empathy for the Dreamers within them. But that is not the point of this post, just a hope, among many, I have during these times.

This post is ultimately, a resource for those who perhaps don’t know what the DACA is, what it means to millions of people, what it means to our community as a whole, and how to help and support the Dreamers. I believe in the power of knowledge, as well as the power of empathy, but I can’t force people to care. All I can do is provide a one-stop-shop for various information and resources that can hopefully help in some small way. All I can do is ask that people listen to the stories of the Dreamers, and offer aid in any way you can. Thank you, and remember we are Here To Stay. Take care of yourselves, your families, your friends, and stay safe.


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