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So I Have A Stalker

“So I have a stalker,” is a sentence I’ve said to numerous people in the last year and a half. It’s not a sentence I ever thought I would say. It’s not a sentence I ever wanted to say. Yet here I am, repeating it over and over and over again. To friends, to roommates, to coworkers, to my employers, to my sister, to my brother, to my parents.

I have a stalker.

It’s always an awkward conversation to have; it starts with a desire to reassure whomever Ii’m telling that I’m fine – physically. A quiet and tentative, “so I have bad news, but it’s alright and I’m not hurt”. To let them know that I’m not in immediate danger – that I know of. That they don’t have to worry – I’ll worry enough for all of us. Then comes the reveal.

Four years ago, I moved out of my parents house and took those first steps into terrifying independent adulthood. Living with people other than my parents for the first time with nothing but some savings and a brash sort of reckless hope that things would work out. I didn’t tell my parents that of course, when I told them I was moving out it was with the assurance I had a plan, a job lined up, and would be fine.

I didn’t really have a plan, nor a job lined up, but I was fine. Better than fine. The independence was what I needed to grow, and I don’t regret it for a second. My new life wasn’t easy, but it was mine and soon became my new normal.

Then I got an email.

Out of the blue, from a name I hadn’t seen in years, I opened it, curious. I thought nothing of it at the time; just that it was an old high school acquaintance attempting to get back in touch.

I don’t remember exactly what the email said, it was lengthy, and at times difficult to follow. I do remember what I felt while reading it: freaked the fuck out.

Passages that described how I was this person’s “perfect woman”, a clear idealized image of me that wasn’t rooted in any sort of truth but a made up fantasy. A rose colored remembrance of a one year high school friendship. I had remembered those times fondly, it wasn’t a deep friendship but it had been a nice one. Now those memories were twisted, tainted by obsession and dehumanization. Coupled with the creepy obsession notes, were entire paragraphs dedicated to faith and his finding God. Apparently God had created me just for him, who knew?

I showed my then roommates. I remember at the time thinking how ridiculous this was. Things like this don’t actually happen unless it’s a Lifetime movie. Where was my dramatic string music? Would they get an actual Latina actress to play me? Doubtful.

I didn’t take it very seriously. Sure I was creeped out, but we all laughed at it. My roommates recommended deleting the email and just blocking the address. So that’s what I did and for the next couple years it was all out of sight out of mind. While I went on to build my career, working for a well known and respected cosplayer, learning the ins and outs of being a comic retailer, writing for two amazing comic websites, and eventually finding a place as an editor for an indie comic publisher. It was a whirlwind of opportunities, meeting new people, and building myself up from the shy, soft spoken, depressed child of my past.

Then I saw his emails.

I had been checking my spam folder looking for an email from my younger sister when I spotted his email address. I remember feeling shocked he was still emailing me after what was then two or three years since his original email. I didn’t both reading what his emails said, but on a whim, mostly because of my own paranoia, I saved the emails. Then moved on for a while.

Curiosity struck me again, and I checked my spam folder a few weeks later. He emailed me again, this time with news that sent a surprised jolt of fear through me.

He had attended a convention he believed I would be at and attempted to find me. It was a convention a friend had helped develop so I tweeted about it in support. My stalker got the wrong message and had believed I would be there. He detailed the adventure, telling me how he looked for me, attempted to get in touch with me so we could meet up, and how he had wanted to see the newest Avengers film with me.

It left me shaken.

Where before he was out of sight, out of mind, now I learned he was trying to make contact with me. I blocked his name on all my social platforms – which at the time only included Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr. I naively thought if I just refused his friend request and blocked his other accounts it would stop. He would just quietly go back to being out of sight and eventually, out of mind.

He didn’t.

I soon found he created new accounts under new usernames and was continuing to follow my every move on social media. His emails never stopped and I began saving each one I saw come through. They would range in topic wildly, their one constant was an obsessive focus on my life and a growing delusion about his place in it.

Sometimes he would talk about a show or book I mentioned on Twitter. If I talked about Fruits Basket, or watching Inu-yasha with my friends, he would start reading the series and watching the show. Giving me his play-by-play for each chapter and episode in detail. If I posted a picture on my Instagram, he would tell me how beautiful I looked, how crazy it made him. Once he thanked me for wearing a Marvel comics dress telling me how I wore it because I knew he would like it. He would also scold me for how I spoke on Twitter or Instagram, tell me I was being to aggressive, call me his wife, tell me I shouldn’t talk about sex because I had him. In October of last year he wrote: 

I saw your instagram post of your outfits. I think you look great. The orange dress with the lilies made me smile. I’m even glad I got to see how you looked even though I couldn’t be there. I thank you so much for that. I always thought you are attractive because of how feminine you are but also how you treated me. What I’m mourning about right now is the cat calling and attention you are getting. You like that? I hope not. If you allow it its only going to continue, and I don’t want you to get caught in another snare of the enemy.

I have the idea that I’m free to read whatever I want, but when my heart isn’t right that isn’t something I can do. I need peace within me; and I just don’t have that right now and I don’t understand why. Please pray for me. Pray for my peace and good mental health, but not to some cat god, but to our heavenly Father; Jesus Christ being our only mediator. Don’t joke about religion. Certain things you don’t joke about but that is definitely one of them. I say this because I care for your soul and that you don’t put it in danger. The Bible never teaches anything negative about undefiled religion. In fact one bible verse says

James 1:27
Pure religion and undefiled before God and the Father is this, To visit the fatherless and widows in their affliction, and to keep himself unspotted from the world.
So when people talk bad about religion, I just think their ignorant.
As for the law, the law is good if used lawfully (1 Timothy 1:8). Consider what the world would be like if there were no speed limits on the road. It would be chaos. So I respect the law, and see it as a schoolmaster to bring us to the end of ourselves and to Christ. Galatians 3:24-25 When I look at the law of Moses, I see shadows of the final sacrifice, which was Jesus. His blood was shed in our place.
The reason I studied the laws of God is so that I understand what is pleasing in his site; because if I don’t have peace with God how will I have peace in my life and with the people around me? The reason I don’t always rebuke others when I see they are at fault is because I assume that people should know better. I don’t enjoy correcting people. God has spoken through his Word, but I’m afraid most people either have not listened or are just rebellious.
Exodus 22:21
Thou shalt neither vex a stranger, nor oppress him: for ye were strangers in the land of Egypt.
But how often do we see people on social media slander others with the purpose of vexing them; people they don’t know? It happens all the time. I’m sick of it.
I observe the law, not because by keeping it am I saved, but so that if I do have success in life it’ll be good success. Not much different than observing the speed-limit. Nobody can keep the whole law perfectly and that is why the Father gave his Son, Jesus Christ, so that in the areas we fall short there might be mercy and grace for us.The scriptures have always taught that if his people would repent from their wicked ways that God would heal their land. 2 Chronicles 7:14
I’m not Jesus Christ so I can’t say whether everything I’m saying is without error, but I know that because of what he taught I should to say something, because maybe there is something you aren’t aware of. I also have not accused you or anybody of anything, but I warn you since my spirit has been trouble by what I’ve seen and read lately and I can’t ignore these feelings.
Today I challenge you to self evaluate, and see what you can do to be better, because what we say and do does have an effect in the earth. Let’s continue to build one another up in the Lord and do good. Amen?
That’s it for my preaching. I don’t consider myself a preacher or teacher at all, or even that you need me to teach you, but I do feel that these things need to be said.

This was all triggered by a joke I made to a friend about worshiping a cat god on Instagram.

In another email dated Jan 6, 2019 he wrote: 

Right Click for full size

It doesn’t matter that I’ve never posted any nudity on my Twitter page, Instagram, Facebook, or otherwise. Even if I had posted all the female presenting nipples in the world it wouldn’t be cause for this stranger to continuous attempt to assert control over my life.

Yet, it was control he was getting.

After a couple months I stopped posting much of anything on my Twitter, and Instagram. I deleted my Tumblr. My Facebook has always been private but even interacting there was a struggle. I often use social media to network with others for work. I’ve met fellow creatives, applied for opportunities, discussed projects, built relationships, and made friends in the various Facebook groups, Twitter conversations, and Instagram posts. A huge part of my job is promoting my own work, I got my start writing articles and essays through online media. I took pride in talking about what I was writing next, sharing with people my finished work. I’ve met amazing people on Twitter and built long-lasting relationships with many in my industry.

All that slowed, and finally halted because of him.

It became too exhausting to engage with people online, even with friends unless it was kept to tightly locked private messages. I was promoted a last year, I wanted to share that with people and he tainted it. I couldn’t even talk about mundane things like my love of Yu-Gi-Oh anymore. It wasn’t worth the eventual email I knew would show up in my inbox.

I’m sure people would wonder why I would even read his emails. For the most part I would skim them, only to see if he had attempted to make physical contact again and to save them. The one time I didn’t check my email for one of his messages, he showed up in my city.

I had been working at home, it was a normal day. Deadlines, meetings, emails, my cat and a cup of coffee in my favorite Saitama mug. Then I got a call from a former employer, the owner of the comic shop I worked at. I had told her the “I have a stalker” story a couple months prior since he had emailed me about the shop saying he felt like, “his wife” was inviting him to come visit. 

We laughed it off. He would never show up here! But just in case I kept saying. Just in case, this is his name and what he looks like. Just in case was such an abstract thing. A step away from fiction. This had all been kept to the internet after all. It was stressful but manageable. I was fine. He would never show up in my city. But just in case here is his name, and here is what he looks like.

Right Click for full size

My phone rang, it was usual call from my former employer out of the blue. I answered, happy if confused, and then she said, “I think your stalker is here.”

I have a history of blackouts that are caused by extreme panic attacks. My entire body shuts down leaving me immobile save for painful tremors throughout my body that come in waves. My vision bleeds black around the edges, my lungs stutter, and softly my knees will give out. It’s a bit like falling asleep except you wake up frightened, and completely unable to move.

In the last couple years I’ve only had about two major panic attacks as I can usually manage my anxiety enough so I don’t blackout completely. That day, it was an extremely close call. I could feel my lungs squeeze when she said those words. A fist through my chest as the panic of being unsafe washed through my body.

He was here. 

In my city, near me, close enough to find me. This stranger who has been growing more and more deluded about me, our imagined relationship. This stranger who had slowly and subtly affected my life to such a degree he had stopped an entire piece of my life. A stranger who was suddenly so close, invading a place I felt sure I was safe in.

He eventually left the store, emailing me once more to inform me that he had moved to my state, settling here with family while he continued to going to school. I don’t know if he’s still here, it’s been months now since he showed up unexpected, and unwanted at my former workplace.

Afterwards, I was to scared to go places on my own for months. What if he appeared at the grocery store I regularly go to? What if he appeared while I was out shopping for makeup at Target? Or getting a birthday present for a friend at the mall? What if the knocking on my door was him? He suddenly had the potential to be everywhere and that terrified me.

What would he do to me if we met? If the physical contact he was so desperately seeking happened? I thought about this with a sense of heaviness and paranoia. I know four people in my life who have been raped or otherwise sexually assaulted. I know the trauma it causes, I know what could happen so easily.

I began to have nightmares, especially before I traveled. I struggled to sleep to the point where I needed to take medical sleep aids to cope. Some days I would wake feeling unbearably depressed, distracted, and disinterested in both my work and hobbies. I stopped writing, I stopped reading, I stopped going out near all together unless it was to get food and even then it was more often with my roommate than not.

Not every day was bad, some days I was perfectly fine. I woke up feeling energized, I went out on my own with no sense of fear, I felt like I could breath. Movies paint depression as something romantic almost, all consuming blue tinted soft sadness that you feel everyday. In reality, my depression came in waves. Some days I could swim out to sea just fine, the sun shining, a smile on my face feeling genuinely fine. Then other days, I couldn’t move, felt adrift, lethargic, wondering if my nightmares might come true one day.

My apartment is gated, a code is required to gain access to any of the buildings. I happen to be the type of person who doesn’t answer their phone for numbers I don’t know. To many telemarketers and or college recruiters. So when I saw my phone ringing with a strange number I texted back I was unavailable please text. This usually gets rid of most cold callers. This time, my mysterious number responded with a simple, “I have a gift for Desiree Rodriguez”.

I froze. In that moment all I could think was he found me, he finally found me. The delivery person was buzzed in, I can’t recall if I let him in or another resident or the office. My mind at the time was whirling with panic. I don’t even remember thinking beyond, he found me, my stalker found me. I answered the door, the delivery man smiled politely, and gave me my gift of an edible arrangement. I placed it on my kitchen counter, dreading opening the card. Fearing something sickeningly sweet, and equally possessive.

I opened the card, “Get Well Soon, from Lion Forge” it had read in clean typed script.

The panic that I had felt at that moment washed away. My knees almost gave out at the sense of relief that swept through my body. I sat down, I didn’t cry, but it was a strange moment, one that had only lasted maybe two minutes but felt like an emotional hour.

The gift was to wish me a good recovery on the eye surgery I had recently gotten. Post-surgery had been difficult, with my one eye swelling shut for near three days and a general inability to see. I was in great pain, and deeply frustrated with not being able to work – my one steady constant. I had informed my employers that I was struggling to see but had recovered enough to be able to work. I remember joking with them that I still had one good eye and that was good enough.

They sent me a get well gift; it was a sweet gesture, an honest one, an appreciated one. A gesture that felt mildly tainted by the fear that had followed before it. I remember growing angry. How dare he take that from me? How dare this stranger take what should have been a happy, pleasant surprise, and twist it into something ugly?

There were those days too. Days when I would just be angry, when the temptation to say something on Twitter or Instagram that I knew would provoke him crept up. Snaked its way into my fingers and cried to be fulfilled. I never gave in, which only made me even more frustrated. The control he had was growing, and I hated every moment of it.

I have worked hard, extremely hard, to overcome various obstacles in my life. Things that I keep tightly locked in that only a handful of people know about. Traumas I refuse to share with anyone other than close friends. I struggled and fought to become an independent person. To build a sense of identity and self-acceptance. To prove I was worthy of something. To consider myself to be a person of worth. I don’t take pride in much, I’ve always tried to be as humble as possible, but I took pride in being independent.

And he was slowly taking that away from me.

I realized that it had only been a year since I begun keeping track and saving his emails. A year. A single year and it felt so much longer. It had become such an oppressive force in my life and it had only been a year. A year of slowly feeling more and more unsafe. A year of escalating delusions and behaviors. A year of this invasion into my life. 

How much longer could I go on like this? This was no longer out of sight, out of mind, this was on my mind almost every day. This was in my home, in my life, in my dreams at night. No longer.

I contacted a lawyer. They advised I file a police report. Before doing that I felt compelled to tell my family everything that had been happening in the last year. I had kept it from them one part to stop them from worrying and the other part because I was afraid they’d see me as weak.

My sister was creeped out, my brother was angry, my mother was scared. Telling my father was the hardest.

It hurt to tell him. I remember begging him to not think that I was weak. I remember apologizing that this was happening, that I was so sorry to bring this into his life. He told me it wasn’t my fault. He also told me to look into getting my gun license. He told me I should delete all my social media and the law wouldn’t be much help.

My Instagram wasn’t as big of an issue, so I set it to private later that day. My Twitter was harder because it was a networking resource as well as a place to promote my work. I don’t have a large following, in fact it’s pretty small, but I still worked hard to build that base. Eventually I decided to set my Twitter private for a small period of time.

He was thoroughly upset. Terribly so. The day after I made my Instagram private he emailed me hurt, asking why he couldn’t see my page anymore and if I had accidentally blocked him. He provided his username so I could “double check” to make sure I hadn’t blocked him. I hadn’t blocked him because I didn’t know his new username.

But I did now.

After blocking him on Instagram the weekend passed and I celebrated my birthday with friends. Feeling lighter, and freer than I had in a long time. Come the work week he had emailed me again, three times in a row, within minutes of each other. Two of his emails were duplicates, and read:

Right Click for Full Size

His other email was about sex and masturbation. I didn’t read that one.

I had a police officer come to my house after much coaxing from my friends. I showed him the emails (of which I have sixty-four saved and filed), I explained the situation, I filed the report. The officer game me some advice, ask my lawyer what my legal options were, talk about this publicly if I wanted to, and I felt comfortable email him back telling him I wanted nothing to do with him please stop emailing me. My father was right, there wasn’t much they could do legally, especially since I didn’t know where he was, but at least now it was filed. I had in writing I didn’t want this man near me.

It may be strange to say, but I don’t hate this man, my stalker. Even during the lowest points of this entire ordeal, never have I hated him. I sometimes think I should, I sometimes think I’m stupid not to, yet I don’t. Yes I’ve been angry with his actions, I’ve been terrified of his potential to harm me, and I’ve been simply sad at the state at which his actions have negatively affected me. But thinking of those actions, of each email, each invasion of privacy, each invasion of my personhood, I don’t feel hatred towards him.

I feel pity. I believe he needs help, and I do hope he gets it. Even the officer said it was clear by his emails he didn’t seem to be in the right state of mind. Though I feel a sense of pity towards him I also hold one even stronger belief.

That he needs to stay the fuck away from me. I want him out of my life completely. I may not hate him, but I want nothing to do with him. I want to make very clear, I was never in a relationship with this man, I never invited his feelings, nor have I ever responded to a single email of his. 

I struggled with writing this essay. For a long while I decided against it out of fear. What if this upsets him? What is this makes him more angry with me? If he retaliates wouldn’t it be my fault? Am I inviting my own harm by doing this? The answers seem so simple, with anyone else I would say a resounding no to all of the above. But with myself, I still feel conflicted.

My father told me this wasn’t my fault, but also that I had to take steps necessary to keep myself safe. It feels so contradictory in a way. To keep myself safe I have to think about him and take precautions, but I also don’t want to think about him for one second of my day and simply live my life. I want to be able to post a dumb hot take on Twitter without the dread that he’ll soon scold me for what I said. I want to be able to step out of my house without a chaperone. How is that any way to live for the rest of my life? But then, am I not taking my safety seriously enough? If I’m hurt will it be my own fault for not taking self defensive classes (which I am)? Or carrying a gun (which I don’t want to)?

With anyone else I’d say not to blame the victim, but with myself I’m still confused. Caught up in a circular spin cycle of thinking it’s not my fault but the consequences could be my fault. How do I balance that? How do I live with that?

I haven’t found those answers, I’m still not sure if this essay is a good idea. What I do know is writing is one of the few ways I can freely express myself. Writing has always been a comfort to me, it’s been an outlet for my thinking, and my emotions since I was a teenager writing bad poems during class. I don’t pretend that I’m very good at it, but it is a way for me to take back control. To sort through my feelings, to reach out in a small way to others.

My story isn’t that different from many others. According to the National Center for Victims of Crime, there are 7.5 million people in the US who are victims of stalking each year. I don’t even think my story is as bad as others. After all, we still haven’t made any sort of physical contact, and he’s never been overtly crude in his correspondents (except for the sex email I refused to read). Just utterly god damn creepy and increasingly possessive.

However bad or not-bad my experience is, I wanted to write about it, and share it with others. It’s my way of taking back a part of myself. I don’t know if this is a good idea, maybe it’s a terrible one. I honestly don’t have the answers, but I do know that I’m tired.

It’s my life, and I want to be able to live it.


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Saying Goodbye to Captain America

I thought a lot about how to start this essay about Captain America. There’s been a lot of starts and stops, a lot of deletions, procrastination, and revisions. For the life of me I just couldn’t into words my thoughts and opinions on Steve Rogers as a character. I kept trying to come up with a thesis, some intellectual argument that would validate why I liked the character. I found that the only thing I wanted to write about were my feelings on the character, but that didn’t feel valid enough to write about. Talking about how much I loved the character of Steve Rogers? How much I’ve enjoyed and appreciated his journey, what the character has grown to represent to me in fiction? I felt a strange sense of embarrassment at the thought of writing and sharing those feelings. In most of my work, I’ve tried to take a stance in sharing facts, research, something that could be quantified as having intelligent value.

Then I thought that’s fucking pretentious why the hell can’t I just share my feelings on Steve Rogers? I’m not getting paid to write this, I have nothing to prove to the world, and if I want to write an essay about how much I love Captain America, well I’m damn well going to do it. I’m going to go full Aries Latina and shout my feelings to anyone who wants to read them. With Avengers: Endgame happening I’ll never have a better opportunity to really reflect on Steve Rogers as a character before he’s gone from the big screen forever. I found that, in the end, I just wanted to write about the themes of compassion, empathy, and the struggles of compromise that exist in Steve Rogers and how much I appreciated those themes. 

So here it is, an essay that is completely self-indulgent, and maybe unnecessary, but something I felt compelled to write all the same. 

Following that little guy from Brooklyn…

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Does the New Black Canary Fix All Arrows Problems?

Firstly, as an almost disclaimer of sorts, I’ve never been a fan of Arrow. Even in the shows hayday of seasons one and two when it was praised and lauded as a great show and comic book adaption. Though it bares moderate similarities to Green Arrow: Year One overall it just wasn’t for me.

However I can look back on the shows beginning seasons and see a clear pattern of storytelling including character arcs that were leading to a greater picture. A picture that would create an adapted vision of the classic Green Arrow comics mythology. Needless to say, that from season three onward, Arrow did not only continuously strive away from that proposed picture, but did so almost gleefully. It often felt at times that the show was more interested in using the brand names of Green Arrow and the original materials (or should I say Batman’s original materials) for the sake of hallowed out Easter eggs, than truly adapting them in interesting and creative ways. One of the best examples of this is the shows depiction and mishandling of the Black Canary aka Dinah Laurel Lance.

See I can handle change; when it comes to adaptions you have to be able to handle some level of change and flexibility towards the source material.

I could handle Oliver being moody, because he was suffering from PTSD. I could handle Mia Dearden being changed to Thea Queen because it was a play on the name and they operated in a similar manner as Oliver’s little sister whether foster or blood related. As much as I didn’t like Laurel’s origin as a lawyer (clearly more of an inspiration off Rachel in Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight saga than Dinah Laurel Lance’s comic history) I did feel that Laurel embodied key aspects of her comic counterpart; namely her compassion and strong sense of justice.

So while not particularly a fan of the changes, or the show itself, I could ultimately see where it was all going.

Oliver would eventually learn to live with both his failures as a vigilante, friend, and romantic partner, cope – note not “fix” but cope – with his PTSD, and rise up as a people’s champion. Slowly coming to embody more of the fun and righteous characteristics of his comic counterpart. Thea would become Speedy, Roy would become Red Arrow, and Laurel would become the Black Canary. The writing was on the wall but the point was watching how everyone would get there.

I was ready for the long haul.

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Three Things Every Freelancer Needs to Have

So one aspect of one of my current jobs is scouting new talent. Some things I’ve noticed while scouting have been areas in which freelancers could improve. This also comes from personal experience as a current freelancer myself and a Social Media Manager. This isn’t an end-all-be-all of social media advice for freelancers just some thoughts I had that are potential areas of improvement for freelancers.

So first, there are three things I think every freelancer needs to have:

  1. Central Homepage
  2. Available Contact Information
  3. Accessible Portfolio

Notice I didn’t put “social media/twitter/facebook” on here. I’ll get to that in a minute.

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Diablo Comics. was founded in 2005 by filmmaker Scott “Diablo” Marcano.  Before he became “Diablo,” Scott was famous (infamous?) for writing the comedy cult classic Bio-Dome.  One day, Diablo got the bright idea of following his childhood dream and started selling comic books at a little table at Comic Con in San Diego.  His first book took off and became the popular horror graphic novel “The Unwanted” which begat the sci-fy epic “Hum,” and the wickedly terrifying “Nancy Hernandez and the Black Widows,” among many other terrific titles. 

Bien Vestido Press | Twitter

Bien Vestido Press is a small press based out of Tampa, Florida. BVP publishes comics, zines, and other image-text work by Latinx artists and writers. BVP is run by Jarod Rosellό, a Cuban American cartoonist, writer, and teacher, originally from Miami, Florida. BVP prints hand-made mini-comics, zines, and chapbooks on a Risograph printer. BVP is housed in the English department at University of South Florida.

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The “Tragic Hero Universe” is an independent labor of love and work in progress that stemmed from a love of comic books at an early age and many distractions during unproductive school days. Since then, Ray Zepeda has been working tirelessly to bring his “comic-verse” to life with the help of Ryan Scales (Iron Lion Studios) and Alexis Villanueva (House of Doodle). Our focus is to bring a new spin on Super Heroes, Antiheroes, and Villains to a broader audience and a new generation of comic book lovers! Now thanks to the support of amazing friends and family, Tragic Hero Comics is up and running and ready to show the world what we’re made of!

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Comic Book Superheroes with curves who want the world to know that superheroes don’t have to be skinny! Superheroes, motivational speakers and plus models! Chunky Girl Comics is breaking down barriers and introducing the world of comics to Rosie, Sage, Sweet Pea and Candy, a group of ladies with curves in all of the right places that are determined to break the standards of what a typical superhero should look like.

RioBravoComics | Twitter

Rio Bravo Comics is an independent comic book publisher based in Dallas, TX that was founded by artist-creator Hector Rodriguez. The company’s first publication was EL PESO HERO #1. Created by Hector Rodriguez, El Peso Hero is a comic book heavily influenced by the modern-day challenges people from both sides of the U.S.-Mexico border currently face. The main story is centered on El Peso Hero, a rogue hero who is standing up against Mexico’s cartels, corrupt officials and human traffickers. With modern social issues such immigration, human trafficking and border corruption, El Peso Hero has garnered attention and praise from the Latino community and been featured on Univision, CNN, Telemundo, Fusion, TV Azteca and countless other media sites worldwide. El Peso Hero is now considered the company’s flagship series. We hope you enjoy the site and read all the amazing stories we have!

SodaPopComics | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram

Soda Pop Comics was created in 2007 by Carla Rodríguez (Writer) and Rosa Colón (illustrator). It is the first female-run comics studio in Puerto Rico. Their philosophy is to focus on well crafted and colorful, interesting sequential art. They’ve self published more than 60 individual publications, from series, one-shots, mini comics, art zines, and anthologies.

EtSpirituDivino | Twitter

Et Spiritus Divino is a horror adventure, set in the far-off future. A post-apocalyptic, ruined world, ridden with demons and other creatures of lore.

POWER & MAGIC PRESS | Tumblr | Twitter | Newsletter

Magic, wisdom, community, and misbehavior.

For many people across the world, the witch is a symbol of feminine strength and complexity. Power & Magic collects fifteen original comics about queer witches of color as they master their abilities, discover their traditions, and navigate love as beings with incredible power. Featuring the work of seventeen women, demigirls, and bigender creators of color, this queer witch comics anthology is as rich an experience as womanhood itself.

Power & Magic Press is an independent comics publisher in Portland, OR. Our mission is the creative and economic empowerment of queer creators, creators of color, and creators at the intersections.

El Verde | Facebook

El Verde is an original action-packed comedy that brings the exciting world of superheroes to the stage.

As an avid fan of superheroes, writer, Anthony Aguilar, wanted to see a series that strongly reflected his Latin American culture while keeping that comic book feel. So, Aguilar developed El Verde to counter the lack of Latinos represented in mainstream world of superheroes.

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#BeingLatinxInComics – Podcasts & Blogs

#BeingLatinInComics Network: Writers | Artists | Journalists/Bloggers | MultiMedia | Independents

Yamina Nater-Otero | Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Works Include: Geekend Legion, Co-writes podcast episodes for Geekend Amazons.

Puerto Rican queer intersectional feminist: co-writes, co-hosts, edits and produces Geekend Amazons, a podcast dedicated to all things pop culture and intersectional feminism. Currently getting her masters in Environmental Studies, wants to grow up to be queer, latinx Leslie Knope. 

Leani Lopez | Take Back the Night | Twitter

Works Include: BLOOD, Slip of the Hand

Leani is a Puerto Rican writer and podcaster. She’s been a fangirl all her life, and has been writing since she was ten years old. She has self published a horror, young adult novel, and recently completed work on a screenplay and pilot. Along with her two best friends, she hopes to create a production company some day. She and her best friend put out a weekly podcast where they discuss writing tips and the role of women in geek culture, particularly queer women of color.

Comadres Y Comics | Instagram | Facebook

A biweekly podcast of three latinx women (Sara, Kristen, and Jennifer) talking about comics & pop culture


Artist. Philanthropist. Gamer. Youtuber. Cheerleader

The Geekend Amazons Podcast | Facebook | Twitter | Tumblr

Welcome to the Geekend Amazons Podcast page! Twice a month, your hosts Mina and Bella, will discuss feminist issues with a nerdverse tie-in

Latinx Geeks | Website

Twitter community for Latinxs who love all things nerdy and geeky. Currently geeking out over One Day at a Time

Latinx Nerds | Website

Mission Statement – To promote Latinx nerds and our contributions to geekdom

 Latino Toons | Twitter

Latin American Comic Artists Association

Latino Jason Todd

Blog dedicated to archieving the headcanons of Latino Jason Todd


An appreciation blog for all Latinx characters on US television shows. We appreciate Latinx of all sizes, shapes, genders, races, and orientations.

Latinx Heroes

A fansite dedicated to characters that are latinx, of latinx descent, or portrayed by latinx actors in any media.   You can tag us in your edits/art with #latinxheroes!

Do you know a Latinx podcast that talks about comics, and/or pop culture? Are you a Latinx journalist that writers about comic books, and pop culture? A Latinx artist working on self-publishing comic books, graphic novels, webcomics, or working for any major publishers? Maybe you run a Latinx blog that discusses comics and pop culture? Where ever you fit, there’s a place for you in #BeingLatinxInComics! Simply submit your information below to be added to the list and I’ll update as soon as possible.

The only requirements are that you must be Latinx, report or have reported on anything pop culture or comic book related, be a journalist and/or blogger! If you fit both of those criteria fill out the form below and I’ll add you to the list.

If you’re already on the list and would like your mini-profile updated (or removed) just fill out the “Other” comment box below with your request. This will be an every growing list that will change and develop to include more information (and a prettier layout) as time goes on. For now, enjoy!

Submission Form


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#BeingLatinxInComics – The Artists

#BeingLatinInComics Network: Writers | Artists | Journalists/Bloggers | MultiMedia | Independents

Munrou | Twitter

Freelance artist based in Humacao, PR.  for inquires send an email:

Amelia Vidal | Twitter

Animation layout artist, storyboard artist, character designer, illustrator, and sailor scout who fights for love and justice.

Naomi | Twitter

Hispanic artist! Anxiety Fox! Worked for Illumination, NickJr, Facebook, DragonCon, WeLoveFine, MassAnimation

rii abrego | Twitter

queer chicanx artist (they/them🏳️‍🌈). professional sprout and rat friend, comic/cover artist for Boom! Studios. contact me about work at !

Sofia Davila | Twitter

Sequential Artist from Puerto Rico . SCAD Alumni . Freelance Artist . E-mail:

Jijigeuse | Twitter

✨ ✧ Jiji Knight ✧ Illustrator ✧ Bi ✧ INFP-T 🏳️‍🌈✨// Sassy ladies • Body Positive • A little macabre //

roxy | Twitter

Dri | Twitter

Freelance Artist type . Robot problem. Contact:

Rudy Mora | Twitter

Mirelle Ortega | Twitter

S T R O V I | Twitter

Carrie Salazar | Pinterest | Instagram | Facebook 

Works Published: H is for Houston is a nonfiction alphabet children’s picture book with fun facts about Houston, Texas. Joy and Mary Save Christmas – Christmas book for 4-6 graders. New Leaf for Lyle – Lyle’s heart is in the right place, but he lies about everything!

Carrie is a Latina illustrator working in traditional and digital media. Raised in southeastern Louisiana, she now lives with her family in Berkeley, CA. She creates portraits paintings but most enjoys creating webcomics and illustrating for children.

Alexis Ziritt | Twitter

Works Published: Image, Dark Horse, Black Mask, Heavy Metal, IDW, Fantagraphics, BOOM! Studios

Alexis is originally from Venezuela but has lived in Florida for the past decade. He’s been published in Complex Magazine, Heavy Metal, BOOM! Studios and Dark Horse Comics among others. His kung fu is strong.

BadApple | Facebook

I am a multi-faceted artist that pushes to become better everyday. Graduating with a Bachelors Degree in Media Arts & Animation at The Art Institute of California-Los Angeles, I have expanded my knowledge as an artist and now have a greater understanding of how to achieve my life goals in the creative field. I dedicate myself everyday in pushing my skill set to the next level and become a driving force in the art industry.

Ninoska Arte

We are Jacqueline Ortiz & Hannibal Garcia, an artist couple currently living in Los Angeles CA. We began Ninoska Arte as a way to pay tribute to Jacqueline’s little sister Ninoska thus the strong influence of Dia De Los Muertos in our work. Day of The Dead allows us to express our likes, grief & nostalgia as evident in our characters. We have a huge catalogue of drawings to choose from , check back in for weekly updates.

Yehudi Mercado | Twitter | Facebook

Writer-illustrator Hero Hotel/ Pantalones, TX/ Buffalo Speedway/ Rocket Salvage/ Sci-Fu/ Guardians of the Galaxy mobile game.

Sabrina Cintron | Twitter | Tumblr

Illustrator, concept and comic artist with a passion for storytelling.

Vanesa R. Del Rey | Website

Illustrator/Concept artist making comics

Alejandra E. Gámez

Mexican comic artist / Illustrator. In constant pursuit of motivation. Author of The mountain with teeth.

Virus Visal

I make comics and websites || Comic artist and front-end-developer.

Eliana Falcón | Cosmic Fish | Facebook 

Puerto Rican that tries to do stuff. Like, say, a webcomic!

MJ Barros | Twitter | Facebook 

Comic Artist. Character Designer. Author of “The Order of Belfry” and “Corazon de Obsidiana”

Samuel Blanco | Facebook

Cartoonino Latino. Freelance comics illustrator, and graphic designer.

Jennifer Hernandez | DA

I’m Jen, comic artist for Archie’s Sonic the Hedgehog series. When I’m not drawing speedy blue hedgehogs, I doodle magical girls and update my Twitter icons.

Danilo Beyruth

Danilo Beyruth is a professional illustrator and comic book creator from deep in the jungles of Brazil.

Eva Cabrera | Twitter | Facebook

Graphic Novel Author & Illustrator of many colors ★ I love comics, travel, books, videogames, I’m coffee addict ☕️ Continue reading “#BeingLatinxInComics – The Artists”

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#BeingLatinxInComics – The Journalists & Bloggers

#BeingLatinInComics Network: Writers | Artists | Journalists/Bloggers | MultiMedia | Independents

Enrique ReaTwitter | Facebook | Instagram

Find Work On: Spartantown

Mexican-American geek culture blogger from Los Angeles that covers comic books, television, movies, cosplay, and art. Owner and editor of


Andrea | Twitter

Full time retail worker and translation student, complaining about mainstream media on my spare time. Aspiring writer. Opinionated as fuck. Bisexual, biracial, bilingüe, bitch.

Sylvia Monreal | Twitter | Geek Girl Con | GeekWire | FemHype | Not Your Mama’s Gamer | Fresh Out Of Tokens | The Heroine’s Journey Podcast  | Group Date | ¿Cómo se Dice Nerd?

Mestiza nerd. M.Ed. Clark Kent’ing in the nonprofit sector. Alum of Princeton, AmeriCorps & VONA/Voices. She/her.

Ahmad Childress | IGN

Ahmad Childress is the Editorial Manager for Entertainment Content at IGN Entertainment. Ahmad has previously worked for Machinima and CraveOnline.

Jose Figuero | Geeks of Color

AfroIndigenous Boricua 🇵🇷. Darth Vader’s illegitimate child. .

Marco Lopez Pimentel | Twitter | Facebook

Home of Marco Lopez Indie Comic Book Creator, contributing writer for Bleeding Cool and screenwriter/producer

 | Twitter

Nerdess Extraordinaire. Pop Culture Junkie. Uber Tomboy. FILA. Unapologetically Afro-Latina. Social Media Curator for and . Panel Coordinator.

Rodrigo Sanchez | Twitter

Rodrigo Sanchez-Chavarria is a writer and spoken word poet of Peruvian heritage heavily involved with Palabristas, a local Latin@ poets collective. He is a graduate of the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities and an involved activist in the Latin@ community. He writes about fatherhood, the duality of two cultures in English, Spanglish and Spanish, and issues pertaining to his community and life experiences.

Arturo R. Garcia | Twitter

Team . Editor-At-Large , Alum . Progressive w/geeky interests. Tweets are always mine. ‘Notorious anti-white racist.’ — Breitbart

Eric Silva Brenneman | Twitter

Contributor , . Musician/performing artist (). Teacher, polyglot, futebol, bjj, former tear gas magnet.

Sergio Alexis | Twitter | Website

Your Enby friend who writes comics, is latnix, consults for diversity and rants a lot. Contributes to

Kat Overland | Twitter 

Works Published: Women Write About Comics

Small press editor & copyeditor for Women Write About Comics. A displaced Texan now living in Washington, DC, she is perpetually behind on reading her pull list. She’s a millennial Latina, who can be seen casually cosplaying America Chavez and interrogating texts via queer & disability theory.

Osvaldo Oyola | Twitter | Facebook

Dr. Osvaldo Oyola successfully defended his dissertation, “(Re)Collecting Identity: Popular Culture and Narratives of Authentic Self in Transnational American Literature” in April 2014, securing his PhD in English from Binghamton University. In it, he explores how popular culture and collection practices are put to use as framework for positioning identity in a transnational American literary context, including memoir, comics and literary fiction. Osvaldo posts his thoughts (and those of guest writers) on popular culture, race, and gender on his own blog, The Middle Spaces, focusing on popular music and comic books. He serves on the Executive Committee for the International Comics Art Forum, lives in Brooklyn, NY, where he grew up, and is currently a lecturer in the New York University Expository Writing Program.

Do you know a Latinx podcast that talks about comics, and/or pop culture? Are you a Latinx journalist that writers about comic books, and pop culture? A Latinx artist working on self-publishing comic books, graphic novels, webcomics, or working for any major publishers? Maybe you run a Latinx blog that discusses comics and pop culture? Where ever you fit, there’s a place for you in #BeingLatinxInComics! Simply submit your information below to be added to the list and I’ll update as soon as possible.

The only requirements are that you must be Latinx, report or have reported on anything pop culture or comic book related, be a journalist and/or blogger! If you fit both of those criteria fill out the form below and I’ll add you to the list.

If you’re already on the list and would like your mini-profile updated (or removed) just fill out the “Other” comment box below with your request. This will be an every growing list that will change and develop to include more information (and a prettier layout) as time goes on. For now, enjoy!

Submission Form

#BeingLatinxInComics Chat

#BeingLatinxInComics: The Writers

Jai Nitz | Twitter

Works Include: El Diablo, Sucide Squad Most Wanted: El Diablo, Green Hornet

George Perez | Twitter | Comic Vine Bio

Works Include: Wonder Woman, Avengers, New Teen Titans, Tales of Teen Titans

The Hernandez Brothers | Facebook

Works Include: Love and Rockets

Terry Blas | Twitter | Facebook

Works Include: Briar Hollow, You Say Latino, Ghetto Swirl, Morbid Obesity, The Amazing World of Gumball

Stephanie Barros | Twitter | Tumblr | Instagram

Works Include: Art Trade, Fantasma

Edgardo Miranda-Rodriguez | Twitter | Facebook | Vimeo | Instagram

Works Include: La Borinqueña, Guardians of the Infinity

Barbara Perez Marquez | Twitter

Works Include: Heiresses of Atalanta, Buff Babe Zine Vol. 2 (Strength, and Awakening), The Order of Belfry

Liz Mayorga | Tumblr | Facebook | Twitter

Works Include: Tallulah’s Daily Growl, The Nature of the Beast

Jules Rivera | Twitter | Facebook | LinkedIn

Works Include: Valkyrie Squadron, Misfourtune High, Headlocked, Working Holiday, Vampires on Mars, The Merry Adventures of Prince Ashe

Frederick Luis Aldama

Works Include: Graphic Borders: Latino Comic Books Past, Present, and Future (World Comics and Graphic Nonfiction), Multicultural Comics: From Zap to Blue Beetle (Cognitive Approaches to Literature and Culture), Your Brain on Latino Comics: From Gus Arriola to Los Bros Hernandez (Cognitive Approaches to Literature and Culture)

Alejandro Bruzzese | Twitter | Tumblr | Instagram

Works Include: Proxy (from La Raza Anthology), God Hates Astronauts

Carolina Dalia Gonzalez

Works Include: It’s All About The “r” (from La Raza Anthology)

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