Puerto Rico Strong, Anthology, Co-Editor – Lion Forge

Puerto Rico Strong was a charity anthology that raised over 50,000 dollars in funds to the Early Childcare Relief program. The anthology has been praised for its depiction of Puerto Rican culture, history, and educational value. Puerto Rico Strong has become a favorite for teachers to use in classrooms. Puerto Rico Strong won the 2019 Eisner for Best Anthology.

Job Duties:

  • Oversaw production from recruiting talent to final files delivered
  • Edited script and artwork for each story
  • Art direction on all art including: cover, interior artwork, and pin-up pages
  • Writing cover copy, solicitation text, and other marketing ans sales related materials
  • Coordinating with marketing and sales on sales dates, sales data, and marketing plans
  • Proofreading
  • Copy-Editing
Catalyst Prime Imprint, Group Editor/CPU Coordinator – Lion Forge

Catalyst Prime is a collective universe of superhero titles published exclusively by Lion Forge beginning in 2017. Stories range from teen titles to adult titles with a wide variety of topics and characters. The line has published ten on-going titles with various more in the works.

Job Duties:

  • Coordinating production for each single issue for the entire line of titles with their editors
  • Editorial on content, consistency, flow, and proofing 24-page scripts for single issue monthly comics and art direction for all covers, and interior artwork
  • Work closely with the supervising Executive Editor, CPU Story Architect, Editorial Directors and Publisher to build and grow the CPU line
  • Keep CPU Editorial Directors informed on all major elements of the CPU including: Character design, Covers, Major plot points, Changes to talent, Crossovers and events, Seasonal Outlines
    Give suggestions and insight on story, and art direction and talent selection for CPU titles, answering any and all questions regarding the CPU
  • Maintaining, updating, and expanding upon the CPU Bible(s) as a both an in-house and talent resource
  • Maintain relationships with talent; keep abreast of their individual promotion plans and coordinate with sales, marketing, and publicity to take full advantage of talent appearances
    Provides Editorial oversight to all CPU titles in development to maintain a sense of line wide continuity, and branding
  • Maintain that all CPU books are implemented to the company’s highest standards for art, storytelling, and inclusivity
  • Maintain and provide communication between Editorial, and other departments on CPU developments including: events, sales plans, marketing strategies, etc
  • Read, and provide Editorial insight and constructive critique on all outlines, scripts, and artwork for CPU titles
  • Maintain all visual resources for artistic talent including: visual guides, color code swatches, etc
  • Responsible for the timely execution of all editorial duties involved in trade book, and single issued productions process for both print and digital formats including: editing manuscripts, proofreading page and cover proofs, reviewing digital editions to ensure quality and consistency
  • Finds, assigns, negotiates with, and schedules freelancer talent including but not limited to: illustrators, inkers, colorists, letterers, cover artists
  • Takes point on running the CPU Insider Twitter handle in conjunction with Marketing and following all Lion Forge social media and marketing guidelines
  • Maintain relationships with talent; keep abreast of their individual promotion plans and coordinate with sales, marketing, and publicity to take full advantage of talent appearances
Spanish Editor – Kickstarter Comic by Jamila Rowser

Wash Day was a Kickstarter comic written by Jamila Rowser and drawn by Robyn Smith. A slice-of-life comic that pays “tribute to the beauty and endurance of Black women and their hair”. Wash Day was translated into Spanish as a stretch goal.

Job Duties:

Proofreading the Spanish translation, checking for readability, spelling, and grammar